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Test series

Dear Student,
Hope your sincere commitment has put in sufficient efforts towards JEE 2015 preparation. As of now, your syllabus must be on the verge of completion, so it’s high time to push the accelerator & take your preparedness to next level.

Keeping up with the trend of providing best testing tools & to augment your efforts, MENTORS EDUSERV is introducing Mentors All India Test Series (MAITS 2015).

MAITS is being referred as best testing tool as it is different & way above other Test Series being offered by other institutes in terms of relevance of questions, syllabus coverage, effective syllabus division into part tests & unit tests etc.


1. MAITS will ensure detailed & comprehensive coverage of each topic involving few chapters only. MAITS also includes 3 part tests in addition to unit tests. Each part test will be conducted after 3 unit tests & will incorporate syllabi covered in 3 preceding unit tests only. This approach will ensure repeated revision of JEE Syllabi.
Though, most of the test series available in the market also offer part tests but full syllabi of each part test makes it practically impossible for all the students to go through all topic within a short span of time.
In MAITS, tests are scheduled in order to ensure that students get enough time to revise all the topics before tests.

2. MAITS also offers 10 Full-Tests in addition to Unit Tests & Part Tests in order to provide real-time JEE experience to the students.

3. All the tests have been framed by nationally acclaimed, experienced gurus of Mentors Eduserv keeping in mind the current trend of JEE. Questions in MAITS will be in genuine, Novel & relevant as per JEE Syllabus.

4. Questions have been designed to analyze conceptual strengths, subject awareness, and novelty of thought & intelligence quotient of a student as all these traits form backbone of an IITian.

5. MAITS will ensure a sure-shot path to IIT, if a student sincerely follows the schedule as prescribed by MAITS & tries to grasp each topic analytically & comprehensively before each unit test, part test & full test.
Wishing you success in JEE 2015.

Anand Jaiswal
(Director Mentors Eduserv)