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    What is the right time to start preparation for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam? The answer for this question was the result of surveys conducted in last 7 years by most of the educational experts. In last 7 year, the same question was posed to the top 100 rankers of IIT-JEE & Medical Entrance Exams.Read More


    IITs are considered as prestigious institution for engineering education in not only India but through out the world. Admission into IITs is considered as a sure gateway to a bright future. It has already lifted the living standards of thousands of families in India. The large number of corporate success stories can be attributed to IIT graducates like Infosys, HCL, Wipro, Hotmail, Mckinsey and Citbank to name a few.">Read More


    After achieving stupendous success in the field of IIT-JEE training, Mentors Eduserv embarked on a path to provide same quality ecucation to Medical aspirants of Bihar. The idea Behind inception of our Medical division ‘Mentors DNA’ is to help & guide aspirants towards Fulfilling cherished dream of becoming doctors as well as better human being. Read More